New Vendor Sign-Up

Download our fillable and e-signable On-Boarding Package here.

(No need to print document, just make sure every require field has something in it

even if only NA or zero otherwise it cannot be "submitted")


If you have yet to complete our onboarding process, please follow these updated instructions:

1. Register here to create your online profile and

2. Download our onboarding document.

Register: You will enter your first name, last name and email address, press register.  You will then go directly into our secure system to set up your account and upload all your required documents i.e. W-9, E&O, Notary commission, Background check, photo etc. (Do not send those to us). If you get a response that you are already in our system, it is probably because you had previously signed up with or used Snapdocs in some way.  Still, you will need to proceed, request your password and make sure your profile is complete and up to date.

Note: You are NOT required to purchase the background check we offer unless you need one, we fully accept Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW) compliant background checks, like the NNA, Sterling, etc., just upload your certificate

Download: Once you download the onboarding document (do not print it):  Simply make sure you have something in EVERY required field and that all required boxes are checked (those highlighted in red) even if only with an NA, zero or if you are missing something like a required insurance (check the box anyway).  Then e-sign it by clicking on the red arrow in the several signature fields and press submit (upper right corner of document) or email it back to us at

IMPORTANT:  You may have to update your browser, especially Explorer, to the latest version if you experience any problem accessing our registration process through the website i.e. you press register and it goes to a blank page or you get in but cannot enter or upload without getting a “waiting" message or no response.  You can also try using a different browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc., as long as they too are the latest version. This has resolved nearly every reported problem.